Wednesday 5-16-12

5 rounds for time:

400m run

Deadlift 21 reps 185/135

Post time to comments

SWOD:  Squat


  1. This was a blast! Wait till your legs fall a part on round 5!

    16:27 RX

  2. Jeremiah says:

    14:47 Rx

  3. 16:01 Did I mention I hate to run!

  4. Jeremiah, you must be fresh after having a 5-day rest!

    • Jeremiah says:

      I did feel good starting this week. A little out of it and sore this morning but not too bad. However, I really think it is my nutrition and strategy this week. I have recommitted to Paleo and so far so good. Yes it’s only been four days and is probably more mental than anything, but I do feel better during the workouts. The other thing that has helped is something I picked up from the commentators while watching the 2011 games replay. Shorten your transition time between exercises inside the rounds and just get after it. Again, more mental than anything for me but any time I can shave off, is a good thing.

  5. 20:40 Rx! It was a tough one

  6. 14.35,, i did like the weight ,,not too heavy, and the weather was suberb, good job joline on your first rx… no running 2morrow!

  7. Thank goodness! 🙂

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