Wednesday 5-23-12



Run 400m

21 KB swings 55/35


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SWOD: hspu


  1. Pullups are my weakness…hopfully one day?


  2. anyone think it is a better idea to run out the 100 meter mark and back twice? navigating the scaffolding is getting pretty dicey.

  3. My arms are still shaking from the skill…one minute hold on the 10th round. Thanks Steve!

  4. 10:30 class went to the 100m mark and back, twice. Worked out well.

    Deadlift- 465 1RM (went up 10lbs since 5/12)
    1Arm DB Row- 3sets @ 125 for 4 reps
    Helen- 9:57RX

  5. 12:56 horrible time can believe I posted this…

  6. It was supposed to say cant*

  7. 9:46 RX

    Surprised I was able to sneak in under Justin’s time.

  8. 3:00pm class ran to the 100m and back twice. Any thoughts on marking off 200m so there is not as much turn around and would be more realistic?

    9:55 Rx

    Added butterfly pull ups to the repertoire now! Makes a huge difference in these type of WODS.

  9. Jeremiah says:

    10:16 Rx. Decent but I know now I can do better. Some extra stuff:
    3 reps on the minute for 10 minutes of squat clean and jerk starting at 95# and working up to 135#. Then two muscle ups with 10# med ball in between my feet. That was cool!

  10. 10:30 rx

  11. Great workout!! Good idea on the 200m mark greg.

    9:03 rx

  12. 10:02 Rx… Terrible! Last time i ever take 3 days off in a row! Definitely going to have to make this one up again in the very near future! And Greg, that is a good idea on the 200 m mark. We’ll have to run it by steve to make sure hes cool with it.

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