Wednesday 7-4-12

800m run

200m carioca

800m run

200m carioca

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SWOD:  shoulder press


  1. Yesterdays WODs…

    Back Squat – 395 1RM (almost 405)
    EMOM Death Squats:
    80% 1RM Back Squat – 315 @ 5rounds + 4reps
    20min later…
    BT WOD – 6:46rx

  2. Skill: Shoulder press. 1rm=165#

    WOD: 15:03

  3. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    Happy 4th of July!

    11:54 rx’d

    Loved the added heat and humidity at the 8:30 class

  4. Today’s WOD-
    AMRAP 12min
    5 Clapping PushUps
    15 DoubleUnders
    5 Clapping PushUps
    10 30″ Box Jumps
    5 Clapping PushUps
    5 Broad Jumps

    5 Rounds + 2 Clapping PushUps

  5. 5 rounds+1 Clapping Pushup in the WOD with Justin
    And then for Added FUN…
    Team “Murph” with Victor as my teammate: 34:04 w/ weighted vest

    For everyone that showed up today you did AWESOME! way to bear the heat and get at it…all at Rx!!!! Now make sure to toss back a few and enjoy the holiday!!

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