Wednesday 8-15-12



400m run

29 back squat 135/95

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SWOD:  shoulder press


  1. This looks terrible…CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  2. 32:49

    5rnds, 95# BS

  3. 26:40 rx’d

    Good thing i wasn’t planning on walking for the rest of the day

  4. 34:46 rx – i absolutely suck at running. squats hurt but were ok, need to google proper running form today. nice work in the 8:30 class. a lot of people pushing hard today.

    • I believe CrossFit somewhat endorses the Pose running method. You might want to checkout a few videos on this method.

    • AnnIE Magdziasz says:

      There are lots of good drills, videos on After going through those, and practicing for awhile, I paid the $10 to attend a clinic at CF Amplify in Lisle(?) where they are trained in pose. I learned myself well, according to them 😉

  5. 36:30 1 x 135#, 6 x 95 #. My legs are hurting. Still trying to do recommended weight but not even close yet. I probly would have gave up on the squats the last round if it was not for Justin and Jeremiah. Thanks for pushing me.

  6. 32:31 from rack position

    Hard time getting my legs to move after squatting. Running for distance is my weakness.

    Thank you Beth for your “Motherly” encouragement!
    Thanks Kristin and Russ for some good competition.

    • From the rack position! Booooo!

      Acutally, i didn’t mind taking it from the ground. why not add a little spice to the workout.

  7. 35:23 I totally suck at running. My squats progressively got worse. Don’t know what happened today. 🙁

  8. AnnIE Magdziasz says:

    Partnered up with Aaron using 65#, finished around 27-28 min.

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