Wednesday 9-19-12

15-12-9-6-3 for time of:

power clean 135/95

bar-facing burpees

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SWOD:  Power Clean


  1. repeat post…
    Just want to send an invitation out to all crossfitters…
    The CrossFit Games are being played on ESPN2. A group of us are going out Wednesday night to watch the games together… a little bonding time

    Broadcasting of the games start at 8pm.
    We are thinking of going to Jamesons (just south of BT… on St. Francis Rd)

    Hope everyone can make it for a bit!

  2. 12:22 Rx

    Web time-waster of the day:

    The CrossFit main site has a kewl “whiteboard” video on What is CrossFit.

  3. 6:26

  4. 8:24 75# power cleans

  5. 5:42 rxd

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