kristin yoga poseFind your hidden strength, balance, and flexibility as the intensity of the poses teaches mastery of the body through physical discipline. With regular practice, you’ll soon notice a longer, stronger, more balanced body, and you’ll leave each class feeling energized.

Yoga is a system of development for improving a person’s body both mentally and physically. What began as a tool to reach mental, physical, and spiritual enlightenment has evolved into a disciplined, yet relaxing, way to exercise.

Through a series of breathing patterns, movements and poses, the different Yoga classes at Body Tech can increase endurance and flexibility. Beyond the physical advantages, many use Yoga as a stress reliever that will help them find serenity and peace in their life, even if it’s only an hour a week.

All of our Yoga classes are open to participants of every level of experience. Check our class schedule to see what works best with your schedule. Talk with one of the certified Yoga instructors about which class is best for you.


erika side plankGain flexibility while toning your body and tightening your core. Varied breathing techniques will also help to tighten those abs!

About Pilates

Pilates is a contemporary approach to mind-body exercise. A series of controlled movements help engage the body while improving posture and tone. Pilates is not just an exercise, it’s a safe, challenging and revitalizing workout that anyone can do.

Pilates will help improve more than posture, though. It increases flexibility and gives you more energy as well as flattening abdominal muscles, increasing circulation, and building stronger, longer and leaner muscles.


A 10 minute cardio warmup followed by 35 minutes of flexibility training with the use of bands, balls, etc. stretch education and techniques, and do’s and don’ts of stretching.


Indoor cycling in a group format. The instructor leads you through a ride consisting of techniques, levels and visualization of being on the open road. Work at your own level. New riders arrive early to set up your bike.

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